A hot’n’cold
success story.


A hot’n’cold success story.


Patented brilliant for catering and delivery services

Our thermal plates are manufactured in GastroNorm and can therefore be used flexibly. The thermal plates are heated in less than a minute thanks to induction. Just put them in your EPP thermoboxes or pizza bags and your delivery stays perfectly warm.
time management

Still holds a temperture of
70°C after 60 minutes!


Perfectly suitable
for all packaging materials!

Eine Wärmeplatte liegt in einer Thermobox als Heizung der EPP Thermobox.
Security on

No overheating
possible with our patented
control technology.

Supports induction
stove, HACCP and is
GastroNorm certified.

Segendo means genuine quality.

The help you have long sought, is now here!

Discover the many opportunities now!

Discover the many opportunities now!

Our goal is to provide you with products and solutions so that you can fully concentrate on your daily business of delivery service. Our heating system for food transport containers is the perfect companion to guarantee hot food for your customers!