Our heat storage units are manufactured to gastronomic standards and can therefore be used flexibly. The thermal plates are heated in less than a minute thanks to induction.

Our heat storage panels are made of high-quality multi-layer material. The aluminium core enables us to achieve maximum thermal conductivity. At the same time, the weight is reduced by 50% compared to comparable stainless steel materials. The wear-resistant stainless steel outer layers offer perfect protection and are also easy to clean. Our Heat’n’Eat heat storage plates are induction-compatible and suitable for almost all energy sources.

The advantages at a glance:

• Perfect heat storage due to multi-layer material.

• Induction-capable and combinable with almost all energy sources due to refined nano-surface.

• Wear-resistant, dishwasher-safe, HACCP-compliant and hygienic thanks to the robust stainless steel outer layers.

• Suitable for all common thermoboxes and thermobags.

• Combined with our Heat’n’Eat charging station, can be used with all packaging materials.

• Heating time less than one minute!

It is easy and safe to use:

Place the Heat’n’Eat heat storage plates on the charging station. Within just 1 minute, the heat storage plate is completely heated up. Now place the hot Heat’n’Eat thermal plate into your EPP box or into a pizza bag using our temperature-stable one-handed suction lifter.

• Place the packaged food directly on the Heat’n’Eat heat storage plate.

• Close the pizza box immediately so that no unnecessary heat is lost.