Simply place the thermoplate in your pizza bag or EPP thermobox & your delivery will stay perfectly warm.


You want to keep your deliveries simply warm?

Heating pizza bags or EPP Thermoboxes and making sure your food arrives warm to the customer is now a breeze with the Segendo Heat’n’Eat product family!

Segendo Thermoplates are passive heat storages that meet both Gastronorm and HACCP regulations.
In less than 1 minute, the Heat’n’Eat thermoplate is heated in an energy-saving way using the induction charging station. The temperature is precisely measured and stored for at least 60 minutes.

You can take the thermoplate out of your thermobox or pizza bag at any time and heat it up for the next delivery trip.

Best of all: Simply upgrade your existing thermoboxes and pizza pockets, the Heat’n’Eat thermoplates fit all common food transport systems!


Charging Station

The Heat’n’Eat charging station is the core of our heating system. It was specially developed for heating up our Heat’n’Eat Thermoplates.

EPP-Thermobox-Heizung Induktives Ladegerät für Thermoplatten Vorschau


Suction Lifter

This practical one-hand suction lifter guarantees you fast and safe handling!


Product video

Our heat stores are always ready.

Perfect fit

Each of our heat storage plates are suitable for all packaging materials.

Long-lasting warmth

After 60 minutes, our heat accumulators still maintain a temperature of 70°C.

Latest standards

All units are HACCP standard certified and compatible with Gastro-Norm.

Integrated induction technology

The Segendo heat storage plates also support heating by induction.

Safety first and foremost

With our patented charging station control technology, overheating is impossible.

Precise temperature settings

The Segendo charging station makes it easy to set the ideal temperature.