Segendo Heat'n'Eat
Charging Station

To avoid damaging the EPP transport boxes, we recommend using the patented inductive charging station from Segendo Heat’n’Eat. You can use the charging station to regulate the temperature of the thermoplates to within 1°C. The patented control technology in the charging station thus protects against overheating, as the temperature is permanently measured and controlled accordingly. A temperature range of 25 – 100°C is available for adjustment. The individual temperature setting therefore also ensures safe use with packaging materials such as foamed polystyrene packaging which is only stable up to 60°C.

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The Heat’n’Eat charging station is the core of our heating system. It was specially developed for heating up our Heat’n’Eat heat storage plates. Unlike conventional induction systems, our charging station is able to measure your individually predefined temperature of 25 – 100°C to an exact 1°C and regulate it accordingly. An acoustic signal indicates when the heat storage plate has reached the desired temperature. Thanks to the functional surface, the station is also intuitive to operate and easy to clean.

Your advantages
at a glance:

  • Particularly energy-saving and efficient thanks to induction.
  • The mobile Heat’n’Eat heat storage plates heat up in less than a minute.
  • The patented control technology protects against overheating, optimal protection for your transport boxes and bags.

Design of the next generation.